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Piano Tuner | Tips to Know That Your Piano Tuner is Doing His Job Right

Tips to Know That Your Piano Tuner is Doing His Job Right in Pasadena.

It is not always possible to tune your own piano, even if you are a pianist yourself. But pianos need to be tuned often. That’s when you need a piano tuner in Pasadena. The piano tuners in Pasadena are professional piano doctors who have to go attend university to become a piano tuner. 

As there are over 3000 parts in a piano, it’s not possible to tune the piano without an expert like a pro piano tuner. The piano tuner in Pasadena is not someone with amateur knowledge of the piano parts, but someone who has the full knowledge to repair, enhance, recondition, and restore your piano. A good piano technician like the piano tuner in Pasadena will be able to work on any part of the piano and can bring the piano back to life, however bad the condition was. These piano doctors are passionate about bringing the piano back to life.  

When you are looking for a piano tuner in Pasadena, make sure the piano tuner you are calling is a professional one and has passed out from the piano technician guild. But how will you understand this pro technician is doing his job right?

Here are some tips that will help you understand if he is doing the job right.
  1. Cleaning: The piano technician must clean the dust coats on the soundboard and the strings. They will use a MicroFiber cloth to wipe down the strings and the dust particles will fall onto the soundboard. So, now they will clean the whole soundboard.
  2. Hammer work: Hammer can affect the sound of the piano so make sure the piano technician makes the hammer round and have no grooves on it.
  3. Action: After repairing or tuning the piano, a good technician will sit and check all the 88 keys and see if there are sounding properly or not. That way will be happy with his job and have a smile on your face.